About OTR GLOBAL – Mining Tire Solutions

OTR GLOBAL is a mining (OTR) tyre photo-kolomela-southafrica consultancy formed by Tony Cutler in 2016. Cutler, a qualified mining engineer and an acknowledged expert in earthmover tyre management, parted company with Otraco International after 38 years. He brings more than four decades of mining and OTR tyre experience to his company and its clients.

Cutler has held senior technical and operational roles in mining tyre management. He has extensive onsite management experience – notably at Escondida copper mine in Chile – and has set up OTR tyre management projects in Australia, Indonesia, Canada and Brazil.

His consulting work has taken him to many of the largest and most complex mines worldwide. He pioneered tyre management and analysis techniques including co-development of tyre performance warranty systems, fitment period batch analysis, life predictive analysis and axle fitment bias identification and compensation; he also established the relationship between new tyre fitment by axle ratio and tyre change frequency. An expert in tyre pressure temperature and explosion mechanisms, he has led several investigations into tyre fire and tyre explosion events including the Radomiro Tomic fatality in 2000.

He has authored several technical and OTR tyre related papers including two major reports on the status of the global OTR tyre market. The first, in 2004, predicted the crisis in mining tyre supply; an update followed in 2007. Following a mining tyre fatality in 2015, he investigated and categorised all known fatalities and serious incidents involving OTR tyres worldwide over the previous two decades, compiling a profile on their causes and relevant preventative and mitigating controls.