Earthmover tyre misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about and much poor understanding of mining tyre management, for example:

  • Being unaware that tyre maintenance of mine equipment is ten times more likely to result in fatality than non-tyre maintenance of rubber tyred mining vehicles.
  • Believing that hard (engineering) controls will compensate for inadequate tyre maintenance training and procedures or poor culture.
  • Thinking that worn out tyres signify tyre life maximisation.
  • Being reluctant to fit new tyres to the rear of haul trucks, unappreciative of the benefits this can deliver.
  • Not understanding that poor roads result in haul truck damage cost several times that of tyre damage cost.
  • Believing that TPMS guarantees detection of a potential tyre explosion or fire.
  • Mismanaging nitrogen inflation to the extent that the site might as well be inflating with air.
  • Chasing haulage productivity ineffectively, and unsafely, in terms of tyre selection and operation.
  • Being over-reliant on tyre companies for advice, notably compound selection.
  • Using tyre warranty to seek compensation for poor tyre performance rather than as an incentive for the manufacturer to provide its optimum tyre specification up front.
  • Being unaware of the criticality of using fitment rather than scrap period based analysis when evaluating and comparing tyre cost performance by brand and specification.
  • Not understanding the adverse effect that biased fitment of new tyres by axle has on analysis results and purchasing decisions.
  • Not appreciating the magnitude of money to be saved by matching the tyre specification to the operation.
  • Giving mine maintenance rather than mine production the responsibility for tyres.

Assign these misconceptions to the bin and realise substantial savings to your mining tyre operation.