Mining Tire Solutions helps mining operations reduce tyre-related TCO without compromising safety.

What makes us unique:

With over 30 years of global experience in all aspects of EM/OTR/mining tyre management, we understand the solutions to both common and obscure problems in the industry. We can identify quick wins and ongoing solutions for our clients without them having to reinvent the wheel (or should we say tyre…) or rely on tyre manufacturers for tyre selection and strategy. We have no commercial association with any tyre manufacturer, tyre service provider or tyre equipment supplier and can provide the objective insights of an outsider looking in. Our principal’s mining engineering background provides added perspective to our work.

Who we work with:

We work with any mining operation that has …

OTR tyre related costs getting out of control.

OTR tyre issues limiting haulage productivity.

Inadequate in-house expertise in tyre management.

Need of an independent review of an issue.

Plans to move to autonomous haulage and needing to factor in tyres.

Tyre related incidents and/or safety issues.

Services we provide:

Audit of EM tyre operations:
purchasing, selection, maintenance, operation, disposal, awareness, safety.

Solutions to specific tyre issues,
e.g. failures occurring at unacceptably low life.

Investigation of tyre related incidents, e.g. tyre explosion, fire, fatality.


We’ve delivered results in over nine countries.
Outcomes include …

– Saving millions of dollars by preventing incorrect selection of haul truck tyres due to faulty in-house tyre life analysis by a large copper mine.

– Determining cause of (and recommending controls for) an autonomous haul truck tyre fire that almost destroyed the truck on an iron ore mine.

– Identifying savings of over 30% ($US20M+ pa) in the tyre bill of one of the world’s largest coal mining operations. 

For Any EM Tyre Solution, We Are Available For You

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OTR GLOBAL – Mining Tire Solutions is the leading EM tyre management consultancy worldwide. If you have a problem with any aspect of your OTR tyre operation, we can provide the solution – focused on minimising mine haulage TCO.


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