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I can recommend Tony Cutler/OTR GLOBAL as the best consultant/consultancy on heavy Earthmover Tires that I have worked with in over 40 years of industry experience. Tony was the first independent Tire Engineer that I encountered when he worked at Otraco. His industry knowledge and market intelligence is superb, and his technical advice enabled the mining company that I worked with during the Tire shortage crisis to prepare for the crisis in the early 2000’s and to double the running hours on the Tires in an aggressive hard-rock pit. We never had to park up trucks even though our tire allocations were cut. He has provided technical and market advice to me during my career advancement from Mine Superintendent to Mine Director. At all times I have adopted his suggestions and found improvements in cost, productivity and safety. I have been fortunate to have seen him develop from a young Engineer with a deep interest in Tires to the outstanding expert that he is with regards to the purchasing, storage, operation, repair and maintenance of Earthmover Tires. His advice is honest, direct and targeted at the areas with most leverage. He has helped me on many occasions to educate and train our miners and supervisors in the better and best ways to manage tires for each site based on individual factors. I have Tony in my contacts list in the mobile phone for when I need help with Tires.

Mike Elliot


Operations Manager


Tony is one of the best Tyre Gurus in the mining industry globally, I have used Tony’s services a number of times for failure analysis, tyre lightning strike and full site audits. Tony’s professionalism, knowledge and reporting are second to none. His recommendations have been very valuable to our business and what he doesn’t know about OTR isn’t worth knowing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tony and OTR GLOBAL for any of our OTR Tyre requirements. Look forward to working with you again soon.

Peter Gilewicz

I’ve worked with Tony on and off for about 20 years. He’s always been professional and cooperative. And he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the mining industry as it relates to large-vehicle tire applications. I highly recommend him in this regard.

Kapila Karunaratna

I knew Tony from all the way back when I was in Kalgoorlie. Outstanding leader of tyre management for complex mine operations. He was not only extremely knowledgeable on so many aspects of tyre management, but also went out of his way to transmit that know-how to his colleagues and clients. Never compromises on the professionalism required to deliver honest and balanced advice to his clients.

Andrew Grubb

Tony’s the go-to bloke if you need help and guidance on mine site tyre management and improving performance. Practical advice to the mining industry since we met on Mt Whaleback when the biggest trucks had only a 200t payload.


I’ve known Tony for almost twenty years initially through his capacity as Director/General Manager for Otraco at Escondida mine in Chile and since then, he has been a great source of support for me in fleet tyre management around the world. During our time at Escondida I was managing the first commercial introduction of the Ultra Class Haul Truck, the Caterpillar 797. As seems to be a pattern when introducing a larger than before class of haul truck, tyre life was the make or break of the commercial success of the 400t class unit. There was a great deal of pressure placed on Tony’s shoulders because he not only had to manage and provide irrefutable performance data in support of that class of tyre (which went from 55/80R63 to 56/80R63 to 58/80R63 sizes in the space of 18 months) but he also had to manage the entire rubber tyred fleet at Escondida and provide technical support and failure analysis at other mines in Chile as well. Over the years I have dealt with many tyre management entities, but Tony Cutler stands out head and shoulders above his peers in terms of industry knowledge, fleet management, tyre technical knowledge, focus, commitment and his willingness to help et al. I can’t recommend Tony highly enough to anyone requiring assistance with tyre cost/hr and application in the truly “effective” sense. His honesty and accessibility are beyond reproach.

Bill Carman

Tony provided me with very useful information on managing mine haulage vehicle tyre explosion risk. His detailed understanding of how tyres perform under different conditions has helped me develop more useful risk mitigation measures.

Simon Chambers

I met Tony whilst working at Mt Newman Mining Co’s Mt Whaleback iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Tony was a senior manager and was part of a team that provided the on-site professional service & support for the large off-the-road (OTR) tyres fitted to the truck & wheel loader mining fleet. Tony‘s knowledge and experience were invaluable to both myself and MNM Co in regards to optimizing OTR tyre selection (brand & specification) and tyre life/cost.

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